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Continuous improvement begins with change

Lean Transformation and Kaizen culture

Follow the path of continuous improvement and energize your company across the value chain

Change creates needs and opportunities

We are experienced management consultants, experts in Lean Thinking and Kaizen culture.

We accompany companies through change using specific Lean Management tools, and we foster a culture of employee involvement, continuous skills improvement and lifelong and shared learning.


Our management consulting is aimed at helping companies to develop products, services, and excellence in the innovation process and to regain momentum. Evolution is the only road to sustainable growth over time.


Lean Management

We create tailor-made process management systems that are streamlined, based on a model of continuous improvement and capable of reactivating corporate energies dormant by habit.

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Christian Biscontin

Operations Director - Cimbali Group

Leanbet is a team of extremely professional, result-orientated people. Their consultancy is tailor made with precise check-points; they immediately put any theoretical aspects into practice in the company, which is a very effective method to motivate teams and people towards change. Leanbet focuses on the value of training and on the importance of continuing to acquire new skills as well as consolidating existing ones.

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