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Our courses are all modular and are tailored to the needs of our clients. They are co-taught and aim at providing a thorough grounding of theoretical and practical matters. They are accessible to companies and training organisations and cover several issues based on the Lean and Kaizen thinking of posing the questions “how” and “what”.

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We are concrete people, curious professionals, men and women who get involved every day

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Struttura astratta

Enrica Bonzani

Head of Training Area for Companies - Aldini Valeriani Foundation

We involved Leanbet for an internal training activity on Lean Office issues,  the goal of streamlining,  improve the delivery process of our services and enhance what really brings value to our customers, eliminating waste and dispersion. The contents that Leanbet shared seemed to us very concrete and very solid from a theoretical point of view. We perceived a high culture of standardization, proactive and collaborative spirit.

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