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We are experienced management consultants in

Lean Management and Lean Transformation.

LeanBet is a team of people with specific professional skills integrated in Lean and able to intervene at various levels in all business processes such as product development, manufacturing, operations, the supply chain, logistics, management, quality and customer care.


We have been helping companies to evolve for over 15 years 

Leanbet came about in 2004 when Andrea Bet, operations manager at several production plants in large multi-national companies, decided to become corporate consultant and Kaizen trainer. The little free time he had thus became a valuable occasion for continuous learning. Since then, the Leanbet team has been able to form strong business relationships in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Tunisia, Serbia, Mexico, Thailand, China and Romania.

Today we work in an international environment which enables us to understand competition by analysing trends, best practices and indicators gathered from around the world. Experience, determination and passion for what we do allows us to embrace challenges with increasing energy and a strong desire to put what we believe in to the test.

Siamo persone concrete, professionisti curiosi, uomini e donne che ogni giorno si mettono in gioco

Our  values


We all know that change requires determination and determination is a gift that increases each time we overcome some sort of setback. But it is also a value to be shared with the customer, and as such, must be cultivated and transmitted. It means calling on energy and enthusiasm and working with tenacity without ever losing sight of the objectives.



The Japanese word, Kaizen, combines the concepts of change and improvement. It expresses the idea that improvement does not focus on the final outcome, but on a personal and transversal attitude and on daily commitment. Since change is inevitable, the concept of Kaizen pushes us to always look up, take small steps towards improvement, and to always keep on learning.


Being humble means keeping real or perceived superiority in check when dealing with others. It means being aware of our possibilities in relation to the task ahead, understanding the nature of the challenges that customers present us with and addressing them to the best of our ability, with a concrete, respectful and modest attitude


The desire to learn

What we do requires us to invest relentlessly in our training and allows us to grow as professionals and as people without losing the curiosity and desire to further our knowledge. Each day we have infinite opportunities to learn something new. Grasping them means evolving and making room for the future and for new opportunities.


At the base of every improvement process are people: their mental and physical energy, their creativity and their ability to communicate and relate to each other. Everything starts from and circles back to people in the form of renewed enthusiasm for their job, and the environment they work in. It is up to us to appraise this capital and unleash the potential within.



We couldn't do this job if we weren't passionate about it. We deal with people and companies that often need to regain momentum, motivation and passion, all of which generate the energy needed to fuel change and produce the most amazing processes. It is our duty to rekindle enthusiasm by sharing our enthusiasm.


Knowing who we are and what we aspire to, what blocks our energy and what makes us feel good is essential if we want to be authentic listeners and collaborate with others. This is especially true of our team as we consider self-awareness to be an essential prerequisite for the changes that we promote.



We believe in leading by example. It's a well-trodden path and the most effective demonstration that we are heading in the right direction. Real change begins when senior managers, managers and executives put themselves out there and decide to experience change firsthand. If you want to explain the power of leading by example, you yourself have to be examples of possible and desirable change.

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