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Courses for companies

and training organisation

The Leanbet modular courses are tailored to the needs of the company or training organization and are co-taught with one trainer specialized in the subject matter and another with business experience in charge of contextualizing the contents of the course to the business environment.

Subject areas

  • Operations Management

  • Lean Design

  • Quality

  • Human resources

  • Sustainability

  • Strategy

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Team Building

  • Sales

  • Learning

  • Business Game

  • Communication

  • Finance Administration Control

  • Project Management

  • Kaizen Leadership

  • Business English

  • Flow Mapping

  • Marketing

Each course has specific objectives, but they all share two meta-goals:

  • re-teaching to learn , and to do it in a more conscious and more targeted way

  • teaching to teach , to share technical-operational knowledge and practices


Investing time in training means being actively involved and giving value to a reassessment of old habits and traditional learning methods. We use innovative teaching techniques based on cooperation, mind maps, an interdisciplinary approach to maximize learning


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