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What do we do

Business consulting and training

Our Lean Management activities arise from a strategic vision of the company and follow practical and pragmatic programmes inspired by a synthesis of Lean Thinking in the west, Japanese Kaizen and the World Class Manufacturing method. We provide interventions across all levels of a company. Our vision is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that a company is an interconnected system made of tangible and intangible resources which must be approached with an open mind. 

Even if our managerial and executive consulting, training activities and courses have different lengths and methods, they all share the same values ​​and the same Lean Thinking and Kaizen culture style.

Areas of intervention

  • Product development

  • Industrialization

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly

  • Operations

  • Supply Chain

  • Quality

  • Purchasing

  • Logistics

  • Finance, Administration and Business Management

  • Sales

  • Customer Care

  • Soft Skills

  • Business Communication

  • Business English

  • Physical and Mental Well-being


Business consulting

Managerial and executive consulting is based on the real needs of the client and starts from any business process considered critical or amendable through Lean Transformation



Corporate and inter-company courses for training organizations and for technical institutes (with school-work alternation). Our training is aimed at responding to the needs of the world of work in a clear, lean, effective, and practical way.

Do you want to know more about our courses? Are you interested in executive consulting?

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