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We bring value

to companies


It is not easy for a company to understand how to grow. If, on the one hand, the market offers new opportunities, it also experiences periods of uncertainty and what makes the difference today is the willingness to take risks, to go beyond client expectations, to surprise and conquer a client’s trust.

Leadership, continuous learning, curiosity and the ability to look ahead without losing sight of the present are crucial themes. In other words: competitiveness.

We intervene on the value chain

with these three objectives

1. Rationalize

Rationalizing. Reducing waste at every value chain level means reducing costs for a company, but more importantly it enriches our daily lives with challenges both personal and within a group. These are challenges that we face together with the companies we are honoured to collaborate with.


2. Optimize

Optimising processes means working better, reducing rework and non-conforming products or services and reducing warehouse stock. We were the first to personally witness these results with years of gemba. 

3. Improve

Improving products and service through Kaizen increases client satisfaction, company reputation and margins.


Company value we seek to improve 


What they say about  us

Struttura astratta

Enrica Bonzani

Head of Training Area for Companies - Aldini Valeriani Foundation

We involved Leanbet for an internal training activity on Lean Office issues, streamlining, improving the delivery process, enhancing value for our customers, eliminating waste and dispersion. Leanbet’s advice seemed to us very practical and very solid from a theoretical point of view. The team has a culture of standardization; they are proactive and have a collaborative spirit .

Do you want to know how we work?

Discover 6 steps of the Leanbet method!

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