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Our clients make it possible for us to learn something new every day.

Our experience as managers, executives, CEOs, consultants and teachers, has taught us the importance of transmitting only what is absolutely necessary and the importance of respecting the time it takes a company to absorb change. 

We are a diverse group of experts with complementary skills. What connects us is a profound passion for helping others and for Lean thinking. We have good communication skills and we know how to handle critical situations that may emerge within teams or in work groups.


We have an excellent academic record and a lot of experience working as part of a company as well as consultants and Lean trainers. Many of us have worked abroad and we all speak at least two languages.


We continue to learn and will never stop doing so, because we are curious people and we believe that lifelong learning is key to evolution.

The Leanbet team


Andrea Bet

Leanbet founder - management consultant

Mechanical engineer who joined the company as an intern, he worked in Italy and in Europe as Lean R&D Manager and as Kaizen Manager. He industrialized and directed large production sites in Thailand and China for a European multinational. In the East he studied Kaizen culture, which he applied to his every day life and which has now become part of his DNA. At the same time, in 2004 he founded Leanbet and began business consulting and training activities. He holds an Executive MBA from BBS and teaches Production Management at the University of Ferrara and at the EMBA in Udine. He is also scientific director of the MASTERCLASS in OPERATION MANAGEMENT at the FAV in Bologna.

Andrea Callari.jpg

Andrea Callari

Lean System Consultant at Leanbet

Management engineer who left for the East (Thailand and China) while working on his thesis. For four years that he was there he was involved in process engineering for a large multinational. In Leanbet he deals with business consultancy on issues related to lean transformation, standardization and the World Class Manufacturing system; he also holds business and inter-company industrial management courses, in collaboration with various training institutions. He is energetic, optimistic and practical, and is always looking for innovative ways to convert critical issues into opportunities

Andrea Crivellari
Lean System Consultant at Leanbet

​Mechanical engineer specialized in industrial management. He had the possibility to experience the validity of the lean approach to industry while working on his thesis in a large Italian company In Leanbet he deals with consulting and training in project management, standard work, lean production, design of experiment, inventory management and safety in high-risk contexts. He is passionate about oenology and astrophysics.

Diego Felloni
Lean Wellbeing Consultant at Leanbet

​Personal trainer and athletic trainer with a degree in Physical Education. In Leanbet he deals with ergonomics of production cycles and workstations, as well as muscle rebalancing and personal training. Over the years he has had the opportunity to work with children, adults and the elderly, as well as patients on rehabilitation programmes. Aware of how the mind consciously and unconsciously affects the body, he focuses on a holistic approach. He works with the Pancafit postural tool and is working on his diploma for Wellness Massage therapy.

Stefanie Rankin
Professional English Teacher at Leanbet

​English tutor with over 30 years of experience. She has trained students at all levels within large and small companies belonging to the most varied sectors as well as private professionals.  She speaks three languages and at Leanbet is responsible for enhancing the language skills of entrepreneurs, managers, middle managers and employees. Through the years she has learned patience and flexibility and focuses on helping English learners to use the knowledge they have to the best of their abilities, especially when communicating verbally.

202104_LEANBET_Foto sito B&N_(MFR).png

Matteo Franchini
Junior Lean System Consultant at Leanbet

​Mechanical Engineer who designs innovative lean training activities.  Curious and eclectic, he is always looking for ways to integrate his extended fields of interest and focuses on solving practical problems in the most efficient way. When he has some free time he develops prototypes with his 3D printer and creates, for example, exoskeletons capable of returning partial use of the hand to people with spinal injuries. He is left-handed but when in high school he spent 3 years learning to write with his right hand and through this process discovered a lot of things about himself.

Marisa 2.jpg

Marisa Bergamini
Psychotherapist at Leanbet

​Psychotherapist who graduated in Clinical and Community psychology. Marisa specializes in individual and group psychoanalytic psychotherapy and in analytical psychodrama. In Leanbet she deals with consulting and training people on issues such as leadership, team building and group dynamics, change management, emotional intelligence and soft skills. She is an entrepreneur in the luxury leather goods sector and lived abroad for 15 years. She believes in continuous improvement and in the importance of being an example. She is eternally optimistic and strives to enhance the strengths of a team or an organization.


Laura Altieri

Legal Advisor at Leanbet

Lawyer who worked in the Legal Services of an important automotive company. In  Leanbet she provides training and legal advice for product engineering,  subcontracting,  procurement, contracts, business crisis and labour law. She speaks English, German and Croatian. She is determined, adventurous and courageous and knows how to deal with large companies as well as small entrepreneurial realities, even with numerous teams and with the most diverse company roles.


Alberto Bellini

Business Communicator at Leanbet

Business Communicator and copywriter who focuses on verbal identity, content architecture and verbal interior design. He has a degree in Modern Literature and for several years worked as a project manager in a multinational ceramic company. He has published two novels and teaches creative writing. Like Roland Barthes, he believes that there is nothing in a text that cannot already be found in a well-formulated sentence.

What they say about  us

Struttura astratta

Giandomenico Cappello

Plant Manager Gualapack 

The meeting with LeanBet meant for us immediate harmony, understanding and sharing of objectives, and agile grounding of improvement actions.  

The result is an essential and "team" contribution, that is, a consultancy that acts together with the people of the company, aiming at the goal with method, ability to verify and self-check and a critical spirit.  

The distinctive element of LeanBet, in addition to certainly the numerous skills and experiences, is the depth of analysis and understanding of the context and customer needs, and the determination towards the result. 

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