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The Leanbet method

Quantifiable results

and  sustainable performance

The first thing we do is create a programme based on client involvement and on the business levels which will be affected by management and executive consultancy. We define the objectives, tools, and indicators together with the client in order to evaluate their effectiveness. We accompany our clients through all the intermediate stages towards each established milestone and our ultimate goal is to teach our clients to become independent and maintain the results obtained by themselves.

It is for this reason that we always work with a view to long-term sustainability. That means that each change will take root when a positive outcome achieved by an individual sets off the collective enthusiasm of collaborators and employees.

Only what is necessary

Our experience as managers, executives, CEOs, consultants and teachers, has taught us the importance of transmitting only what is absolutely necessary and the importance of respecting the time it takes a company to absorb change. In 17 years of consulting, we have developed a method focused on the real needs of the client, around which we tailor all our activities.


An approach based on



precise but flexible



Understanding needs and expectations



of people and development

of their talents



clear and measurable



sustainable over time for

excellent processes and products

Starting with people

and circling back to people

People are a company’s most important asset. Their curiosity and their emotional dynamics are the intangible assets which trigger and facilitate long lasting, authentic, efficient, and sustainable Lean Transformation. Transformation starts from a company’s resources and their energy, because no real change can come about unless it involves the person as a whole.

The company like an ecosystem

The term "olos" comes from the Greek and means everything understood as a whole, unlike "pan" which means everything as a set of parts. This is where the adjective “holistic” comes from: we often use it because this is how we see companies and people. As a whole, not a set of parts. Departments, teams, processes; managers and workers, executives and employees: an interconnected system made of tangible and intangible to which we approach with a broad view.

New creative and productive energy

Reducing, optimizing, and improving entails new awareness, new habits and new thinking patterns. It means new creative and productive energy, excellent social skills and best practices at all business levels. Only in this way will the positive results of the Lean Transformation process last over time and trigger a virtuous circle because one improvement follows another. This is the direct result of change and the people who experience it will request, generate and implement it.

The 6-step Leanbet method.

1. Listening

Our consultation comes after listening carefully not only to what the client says he needs, but also after observing behaviour and processes within the company and talking to and involving the workforce.

2. Analysis

Analysis of the material we collected evaluates which Lean Management, Lean thinking and People Management tools could prove useful in triggering and managing change for the better. We involve all the team members we think could contribute to the analysis.

3. Planning

We draw up an intervention proposal, which we share with our client and then we choose an improvement process with objectives and a programme of activities to reach them.

4. Action

Each activity aims to fine tune the techno-operational and emotional-relational tools which will create tangible value for the company.

5. Verification

Each activity is verified for its effectiveness and the result obtained is consolidated and standardized.

6. Autonomy

The ultimate goal is the independence of the client, once the business has acquired the necessary tools and culture to continue the road to Kaizen independently

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