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First session of Industrial Makers

LeanBet begins its journey in Belgrade with the first session of the new operations management course, Industrial Makers.

Industrial Makers is an experiential operations management masterclass which gives participants the opportunity to witness first-hand the testimonies of people who experience operations on a daily basis.

Operations are the heartbeat of every kind of organization. In manufacturing companies, they focus on delivering goods to market and therefore, need a well designed supply chain as well as an effective production capacity.

The first session will guide participants through 4 main areas.

We begin with company foundations in order to understand what drives a team. By providing real-life scenarios we demonstrate the importance of defining a strategy and sharing it with employees.

The second part deals with the product and the customer. Customers should always be at the centre of our attention as they are ultimately our real boss! Integrating customer expectations and market trends is a key factor for Operations in order to find the right response.

The third part is dedicated to the supply-chain and will focus on the need to have the right design to better serve markets in terms of quality, cost, and lead time. We will work on the role of the supply chain in the whole operations vision.

Finally, the last part will cover the key points of efficient and effective operations, as well as the way to monitor performance.

During the session our speaker, Xavier Rapenne, will be pleased and honored to provide real-life examples of his experience in the field of operations. He has gained his expertise in B to B, B to C business, with a common practice for manufacturing in mass production, small series to single goods, from fully automated to highly skilled worker production. The session will remind us again of the importance of The Team and is a perfect opportunity to share management skills.


Xavier Rapenne started his carreer in the French Navy then moved on to industry.

With a degree in Mechanics and Automation and a Masters in Management, he has led manufacturing organisations in France, Poland, Spain, China through various projects and challenges.

He has brought his expertise to both small and large organisations, and has worked on one piece production as well as mass production in B to B and B to C organizations.

His favorite sentence: "everything is possible with a team!"


Industrial Makers is not just a training course, it is also an opportunity for managers and entrepreneurs to expand their network of contacts, due to the participation of important figures in SMEs and multinational companies. We, therefore, encourage participants to bring information regarding their business to share with other managers at the event and generate new contacts.

The event, held at the BG City Hotel in Belgrade, starts at 9.00 am and ends at 4.00 pm, with a coffee break halfway through the morning and lunch at 1.00 pm.

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To purchase the training session on April, 26th, 2024, click here

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